December 2020

IUWIT Insights

Published on December, 2020
Welcome to IUWIT Insights, where you’ll find insights about the latest and greatest events, interviews, and stories involving women in tech across IU’s 8 campuses and beyond. This newsletter is distributed by IU Women in Technology (IUWIT), the staff affiliate of the IU Center of Excellence for Women & Technology.

Spotlight Interview: Dr. Lamara Warren

Meet Dr. Lamara Warren, the Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion for the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering. Dr. Warren shares with us her career journey, experiences as a black woman in tech, and her advice to aspiring tech students!

Recap of Power Hour: Job Searching Best Practices

On Friday, November 6th, IUWIT hosted “Power Hour: Job Searching Best Practices” with a moderated panel of 4 women in tech followed by a discussion amongst students, faculty, and staff. The event began with the host, IUWIT intern Koral Briggs introducing the panel and welcoming everyone to IUWIT. Our panel discussed their experiences and advice on a variety of topics, ranging from networking to interviewing to social media etiquette. After the panel, IUWIT opened the floor to any questions and an organic, insightful conversation amongst all participants flowed for the remainder of the event.

At the end of the event, staff, faculty, and students alike expressed that they would like to do this event again. Our attendees really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the event and were able to freely ask questions, respond, and share their experiences with others. Based on this response, IUWIT plans to hold a breakout room during the 2021 Statewide Summit on Women & Tech in March – stay tuned for more information!

Missed the event?

Watch the recorded Zoom here Download our Student Survival Guide for Job Searching Best Practices

Call for Proposals for Summit Now Open!

We are proud to announce our 8th Annual 2021 Statewide Summit on Women & Tech will take place completely online March 4th – 6th, and Monday, March 8, 2021. The 2021 Statewide Summit on Women & Tech is an annual conference hosted by the IU Center of Excellence for Women & Technology. The Summit provides an opportunity to celebrate women & technology and to share, learn, engage with, and experience tech across a variety of skill levels and topics. Empowerment sessions are included to promote career success. This year, our virtual format allows statewide participation from anyone at no charge.

In the meantime, the call for proposals for the Summit is now open! If you are interested in submitting a proposal for a breakout room during the Summit, please use this link.


Pay it forward during these COVID times and help IU students by donating your used but usable laptop to the new IUpcycle program! The “new normal” of Zoom meetings, virtual visits, and online classwork has highlighted the need for reliable access to technology for all students. Your donation will help an IU student avoid the stress of having inadequate equipment to get their work done, to better enable success!

IUpcycle is only taking functional laptops at this time because of our limited number of volunteers, however, any donated laptops that are not fit to give away will be recycled at a local electronics center. If you’re interested in donating to our program, please use this form to submit a drop-off request.

This program is sponsored by our Center in collaboration with the IUpcycle team from the Ph.D. Program in the Department of Biology.

IU’s Support Linc

Let’s face it – it has been a crazy year! If you are needing a little extra help these last few months of the year, check out IU’s SupportLinc (link to service. SupportLinc is a confidential resource that provides 24/7 access to professional counseling and referrals. SupportLinc’s licensed counselors can provide short-term assistance with issues such as grief and loss, substance abuse, relationship problems, depression, work-related pressures, and stress and anxiety. Services are provided at no cost to benefit eligible employees, IU Residents, Graduate Appointees, Fellowship Recipients, and their spouse and dependent children living in the same household. Make sure you take advantage of this free service and prioritize our health!

More information here.

Women Talk Design

Women Talk Design is an organization that is highlighting all of the incredible women and non-binary speakers in design and tech. Their website features a variety of speakers who share their experiences on finding their voices, gaining confidence, fighting imposter syndrome, and so much more! Be sure to check out their website to read more about women’s experiences with public speaking!